Sunday, July 02, 2006


Slow but steady wins the race

Weight today: 181.5. This is an SLD record low 8)

I am single-mindedly working my way down to 178, at which time I'll be -15. I can't tell you how exciting that thought is.

I tried the middle-of-the-night ELOO last night, and I can say that today's appetite is the LOWEST EVER. Man, I can't stand the idea of food. It's almost 3pm, I've had very little solid food (a 1/4 cup yogurt) and SW at 10:30am. Dinner even seems iffy. If it turns out that I can't eat for dinner, I'll post again.

It may be too early to conclude that it works better or differently since it was just the once, but my experience combined with others on the boards seems to be suggesting that is the case. Why? Longer flavor-free window? Something about night-time metabolism? Interrupting the longest calorie-free period of the 24-hour cycle? In any case it is interesting and I will continue to report.

The best thing about mid-night dosing of course is that it eliminates one of the daytime doses. I brushed my teeth with toothpaste this morning! ;)

Ok. At this weight (181), I'm fitting comfortably into all my trousers and shorts sized 36. But what does that mean, really? And what's my goal? Let me explain....

First question: is a 36 really a 36? I keep hearing that the clothing makers are producing larger and larger sizes, calling them old sizes because they know we're getting fatter. So, is a 36 an "original" 36 or is it something bigger? It doesn't change the delta, because when I started SLD my current 38's were feeling tight. Now I'm loose in a current 36. But I'm wondering what size it really is...

Second: what's my "goal" size? This might be a better measurment of where I want to go than some arbitrary weight. My platonic ideal waist size would be 30, because that's my inseam. But that seems an awfully long way away. If it's not my inseam, it would seem to be 32 based on my memory of when I was "in shape". But even 32 seems far off -- maybe 20-25 lbs? Which is fine as far as that goes, and maybe not much different than I was thinking, but does make the remaining journal appear pretty dramatic.

I had a chance today to take my shirt off in public and didn't hesitate for a second. I wasn't looking for the chance but it appeared. My lack of concern was a milestone of sorts and well appreciated. I'm no fitness model (by any stretch) but it was incredibly nice not to be too worried about how I looked (semi-naked).

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Update, Tuesday June 6, 2006

Weight: 186.5

It's really nice, as one poster on put it, to know that when you fall off the wagon on SLD you can get right back on. Unlike, for example, low-carb diets where you blow the whole week just by eating a cookie.

I'm on a big push to get to/under 185. When I reach that milestone, I'll be at my lowest weight since the best I did on low carbing (before it started to creep back up again).

Thoughts for the day. SLD dieting is not without some effort. In general, I guess, the idea is that your body won't let you eat more than you need to be at a certain, lower set-point weight. What's not certain is how soon the set point moves. As Roberts acknowledges in his book, at least one of his early adopters took seven weeks to see any effect.

What *is* working for me though, is the appetite suppression. Even if my appetite is only suppressed a little, it is enough to allow me to exercise the discipline necessary to sustain weight loss. Without feeling crazy hungry all the time. This is an enormous advance. Roberts should be a candidate for a Nobel prize, as exaggerated as it sounds.

For the first time since I figured out how the dieting game works, I feel like I really will achieve the goal weight I set for myself and stay there. And all without buying any products or services, just a $19.95 book. Which is well worth it, by the way. ("The Shangri-La Diet" by Seth Roberts, available on

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Progress Recap

May 14 193.5
May 15 192.5
May 16 192.0
May 18 189.5
May 19 191.0
May 22 190.5
May 24 190.0
May 26 188.5
May 28 189.5
May 31 187.5


Plateau Broken (May 31, 2006)

Weight: 187.5. This is the lowest I've been since the kids came, over 8 years ago.

So. My battle with 190 lasted over a week. I'm glad I read Ethesis' comments on the forums about plateaus or I might have given up. Even though I was prepared for the stopping-point, it was a test of faith to hang in here for almost 8 days, with my weight dipping below 190 (once as low as 188.5) and then bouncing back above it (once as high as 191.5). Which is a big range for me, even though some people say their weight fluctuates up to 4 lbs.

I am 100% fructose at the moment. I've been taking 3 tbs first thing in the am and 2 tbs in the pm (4pm-ish) the last three days. This is what "broke" through the plateau (or, it was just time). I was re-reading SLD and noticed that Seth lost the majority of his weight on sugar, and continues to keep it in his diet. I initially tried to go 100% oil (probably because I'm an ex-low-carber). The sugar has a stronger appetite-suppressing effect than the oil for me. I couldn't do this long-term (worries about diabetes) but I can do it for a few months.

Alcohol. Argh! I have never shown a loss in weight the morning after I've had alcohol the previous evening. Not a single time. I have become convinced that for me it knocks out the diet somehow. And yet opportunities abound! Just tomorrow night I have a french wine tasting to go to with my wife, planned for weeks. Lots of french goodies to eat, too ;) Bottom line: I will be curtailing alcohol consumption until I get down to my goal weight.

Ice Cream. Last night my wife and I took the kids to meet bio-mom at the airport, and then went for ice cream after. There's a cool homemade place here that does an "ice cream social" once a week. I went ahead and got a single scoop of chocolate and ate half of it. This is unprecedented in two ways. First, I have never ever left half a bowl of ice cream that I was otherwise enjoying. (It was very good rich chocolate ice cream.) I just felt "finished" and didn't want any more. Hard to explain but much appreciated.

The second interesting fact was my selection of plain chocolate. Granted theirs is very good. But I usually would choose something with many more flavors than plain chocolate. But of all the choices of flavors, that's the one that was most attractive to me at that moment. Someone on the forums asked about changes in flavor preferences; this would have to count as one. What does it mean? Who knows...

Friday, May 26, 2006


Friday, May 26

Weight: 188.5. Whew! About time :) I have a feeling that the weight is going to come off fast again for a while. We'll see how well intuition predicts this stuff. Nice to have "broken through" the 190 barrier.


ELOO: 1tbs at 6:30am.

Breakfast: n/a

* made a mistake and dipped my toothbrush in mouthwash this morning, put it in my mouth before I realized what I was doing. Hope the brief flavor doesn't ruin the effect…

Lunch: n/a

Workout: 45 min cardio

ELOO: 1tbs fructose in 2 cups hot water, 4pm

Dinner: 6:30 - lasagna, salad, homemade fries: felt stuffed after only a little food; did push down 2 homemade choc chip cookies though (I wasn't hungry, ate em when I saw the teenagers coming and there were only a few left).


From yesterday: When I had the sugar by itself at 4pm, I did not later experience low blood sugar. What was different? Perhaps that I didn't take the oil at the same time? What would that mean?

My most appetite-suppressed day yet. Couple thoughts:

LESS IS MORE. Lower doses of the oil and sugar are producing better results for me than more (i.e. 1tbs twice a day versus 2tbs twice a day).

SUGAR IS GOOD. The sugar has helped. Oil alone works but is not as effective.

SUGAR IS BETTER ALONE THAN WITH OIL. This is just a hypothesis for now but I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Wednesday, May 24

Weight: Still 190! But I am determined to persevere until I break through!
ELOO: 1tbs at 7am (first thing). I brushed my teeth with a damp toothbrush, no paste. Not sure how I like that... but in the name of science.. :)
Workout: 45 min cardio, medx line
Lunch: expresso, black
ELOO: 4pm, 1tbs table sugar in hot water (thanks Starbucks!) - I was on the road.
Dinner: Crock-pot lasagna

CHANGES FOR TODAY: Trying only 1 tbs of oil 1st thing in am, and 1tbs fructose + 1tbs canola in pm.
7am. Yesterday, I tried 1 tbs of fructose and 1 tbs of canola in the morning. It was very effective for appetite suppression. However, I did feel low-blood sugar a few hours after and my mood was somewhat anxious and fretful/argumentative. This might be better for the afternoon dose close to bedtime.
7:54 tummy ache (minor). Definately not hungry.
8:15 Had coffee (with splenda - SO made it for me).
9:13. Not hungry. Fine.
9:55 Feeling a little hungry, will wait and see if it passes.
10:48. Not hungry at all. Getting ready to go to gym. Wondering -- lunch? I'm still more or less sticking to the plan where I eat whatever I want for dinner. Still struggling to avoid alcohol & sweets.
12:33. Feeling pretty good after workout. Had some Arizona tea for lunch, nothing else. Not hungry. So far, it would see that 1tbs canola 1st thing in the morning goes a long way. We'll see about 1tbs fructose in the pm.
5:21- Still not hungry. Had absolutely nothing to eat today till dinnertime except oil at 7am and sugar water at 4pm.
I guess this is what being on a fast feels like once you get past the bad hunger pangs. :)

Monday, May 22, 2006


Day 9 (Monday May 22)

I'm posting in the morning this morning, a little different than I had been (in the evenings). So I don't have today's activity. I guess I'll try editing this post later and adding the info, so if you see it, it worked. :)

Weight: 190.5. Delta -3.
Breakfast: 1/2 banana.

First, I had a rough weekend. I had several Corona's (beer), and some sugary foods. Not a lot, but enough to feel like I was somewhat out of control of the diet. I've also felt a little, well, I want to say hungrier but it's more of an empty stomach feeling. And I didn't lose any weight this weekend, which is OK for me because my first week's total loss is still 3 lbs - not bad at all. What I am wondering though is whether:

(a) Should I try fructose instead of the canola? What if there is just enough flavor that my body can distinguish the oil calories? I'm not looking forward to the oil by any means (I forget about it frequently), so I don't think I've gotten conditioned to it.

(b) Regarding the "empty stomach feeling." Is this what Seth Roberts referred to as "craving a taste", which he successfully managed with chewing gum etc.? I don't recall feeling this the first few days, but I was coming off a full "normal" diet and adjusting my intake downward -- perhaps it's possible my stomach wasn't empty a lot.

(c) Should I be eating more for breakfast and lunch? Over the weekend I tried adding to both on Saturday and Sunday and it seemed that I felt hungrier. But it's hard to tell.

What I WILL do is cut the alcohol back out. I am still doing black coffee, which is getting a little easier to choke down. Still doesn't compare to a 2-splenda misto though :)

Friday, May 19, 2006


Day 6 - Back on Track

Weight: 191 :( (Delta: -2.5) Paid for last night's excess. It is interesting -- maybe totally coincidental -- that this happened around the time I broke 190. I believe that there's some kind of mental barrier there and can't wait till I get safely below it.
Breakfast: small bowl of cut melon and 1/2 glass carrot juice
ELOO: 2 tbs canola
Lunch: 1/2 sandwich
ELOO: 2 tbs canola
Workout: 45 min cardio
Dinner: mexican (out). Avoided alcohol. My wife and I noticed that on the menu of this chain restaurant was a little icon with this note: "denotes healthy meal choice under 800 calories". Wow. The few marked meals were under 800. How many calories were the majority of the meals, I wonder? And if they bothered to measure them, why not disclose?
Caffeine: 1 cup in morning.
Comments: I'm wavering a bit. I think I'm psyching myself out about this 190 lb barrier.

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