Friday, May 19, 2006


Day 6 - Back on Track

Weight: 191 :( (Delta: -2.5) Paid for last night's excess. It is interesting -- maybe totally coincidental -- that this happened around the time I broke 190. I believe that there's some kind of mental barrier there and can't wait till I get safely below it.
Breakfast: small bowl of cut melon and 1/2 glass carrot juice
ELOO: 2 tbs canola
Lunch: 1/2 sandwich
ELOO: 2 tbs canola
Workout: 45 min cardio
Dinner: mexican (out). Avoided alcohol. My wife and I noticed that on the menu of this chain restaurant was a little icon with this note: "denotes healthy meal choice under 800 calories". Wow. The few marked meals were under 800. How many calories were the majority of the meals, I wonder? And if they bothered to measure them, why not disclose?
Caffeine: 1 cup in morning.
Comments: I'm wavering a bit. I think I'm psyching myself out about this 190 lb barrier.

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