Monday, May 22, 2006


Day 9 (Monday May 22)

I'm posting in the morning this morning, a little different than I had been (in the evenings). So I don't have today's activity. I guess I'll try editing this post later and adding the info, so if you see it, it worked. :)

Weight: 190.5. Delta -3.
Breakfast: 1/2 banana.

First, I had a rough weekend. I had several Corona's (beer), and some sugary foods. Not a lot, but enough to feel like I was somewhat out of control of the diet. I've also felt a little, well, I want to say hungrier but it's more of an empty stomach feeling. And I didn't lose any weight this weekend, which is OK for me because my first week's total loss is still 3 lbs - not bad at all. What I am wondering though is whether:

(a) Should I try fructose instead of the canola? What if there is just enough flavor that my body can distinguish the oil calories? I'm not looking forward to the oil by any means (I forget about it frequently), so I don't think I've gotten conditioned to it.

(b) Regarding the "empty stomach feeling." Is this what Seth Roberts referred to as "craving a taste", which he successfully managed with chewing gum etc.? I don't recall feeling this the first few days, but I was coming off a full "normal" diet and adjusting my intake downward -- perhaps it's possible my stomach wasn't empty a lot.

(c) Should I be eating more for breakfast and lunch? Over the weekend I tried adding to both on Saturday and Sunday and it seemed that I felt hungrier. But it's hard to tell.

What I WILL do is cut the alcohol back out. I am still doing black coffee, which is getting a little easier to choke down. Still doesn't compare to a 2-splenda misto though :)

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