Friday, May 26, 2006


Friday, May 26

Weight: 188.5. Whew! About time :) I have a feeling that the weight is going to come off fast again for a while. We'll see how well intuition predicts this stuff. Nice to have "broken through" the 190 barrier.


ELOO: 1tbs at 6:30am.

Breakfast: n/a

* made a mistake and dipped my toothbrush in mouthwash this morning, put it in my mouth before I realized what I was doing. Hope the brief flavor doesn't ruin the effect…

Lunch: n/a

Workout: 45 min cardio

ELOO: 1tbs fructose in 2 cups hot water, 4pm

Dinner: 6:30 - lasagna, salad, homemade fries: felt stuffed after only a little food; did push down 2 homemade choc chip cookies though (I wasn't hungry, ate em when I saw the teenagers coming and there were only a few left).


From yesterday: When I had the sugar by itself at 4pm, I did not later experience low blood sugar. What was different? Perhaps that I didn't take the oil at the same time? What would that mean?

My most appetite-suppressed day yet. Couple thoughts:

LESS IS MORE. Lower doses of the oil and sugar are producing better results for me than more (i.e. 1tbs twice a day versus 2tbs twice a day).

SUGAR IS GOOD. The sugar has helped. Oil alone works but is not as effective.

SUGAR IS BETTER ALONE THAN WITH OIL. This is just a hypothesis for now but I will keep you posted.

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