Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Plateau Broken (May 31, 2006)

Weight: 187.5. This is the lowest I've been since the kids came, over 8 years ago.

So. My battle with 190 lasted over a week. I'm glad I read Ethesis' comments on the forums about plateaus or I might have given up. Even though I was prepared for the stopping-point, it was a test of faith to hang in here for almost 8 days, with my weight dipping below 190 (once as low as 188.5) and then bouncing back above it (once as high as 191.5). Which is a big range for me, even though some people say their weight fluctuates up to 4 lbs.

I am 100% fructose at the moment. I've been taking 3 tbs first thing in the am and 2 tbs in the pm (4pm-ish) the last three days. This is what "broke" through the plateau (or, it was just time). I was re-reading SLD and noticed that Seth lost the majority of his weight on sugar, and continues to keep it in his diet. I initially tried to go 100% oil (probably because I'm an ex-low-carber). The sugar has a stronger appetite-suppressing effect than the oil for me. I couldn't do this long-term (worries about diabetes) but I can do it for a few months.

Alcohol. Argh! I have never shown a loss in weight the morning after I've had alcohol the previous evening. Not a single time. I have become convinced that for me it knocks out the diet somehow. And yet opportunities abound! Just tomorrow night I have a french wine tasting to go to with my wife, planned for weeks. Lots of french goodies to eat, too ;) Bottom line: I will be curtailing alcohol consumption until I get down to my goal weight.

Ice Cream. Last night my wife and I took the kids to meet bio-mom at the airport, and then went for ice cream after. There's a cool homemade place here that does an "ice cream social" once a week. I went ahead and got a single scoop of chocolate and ate half of it. This is unprecedented in two ways. First, I have never ever left half a bowl of ice cream that I was otherwise enjoying. (It was very good rich chocolate ice cream.) I just felt "finished" and didn't want any more. Hard to explain but much appreciated.

The second interesting fact was my selection of plain chocolate. Granted theirs is very good. But I usually would choose something with many more flavors than plain chocolate. But of all the choices of flavors, that's the one that was most attractive to me at that moment. Someone on the forums asked about changes in flavor preferences; this would have to count as one. What does it mean? Who knows...

Check out this introduction article on Fructose:
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