Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Wednesday, May 24

Weight: Still 190! But I am determined to persevere until I break through!
ELOO: 1tbs at 7am (first thing). I brushed my teeth with a damp toothbrush, no paste. Not sure how I like that... but in the name of science.. :)
Workout: 45 min cardio, medx line
Lunch: expresso, black
ELOO: 4pm, 1tbs table sugar in hot water (thanks Starbucks!) - I was on the road.
Dinner: Crock-pot lasagna

CHANGES FOR TODAY: Trying only 1 tbs of oil 1st thing in am, and 1tbs fructose + 1tbs canola in pm.
7am. Yesterday, I tried 1 tbs of fructose and 1 tbs of canola in the morning. It was very effective for appetite suppression. However, I did feel low-blood sugar a few hours after and my mood was somewhat anxious and fretful/argumentative. This might be better for the afternoon dose close to bedtime.
7:54 tummy ache (minor). Definately not hungry.
8:15 Had coffee (with splenda - SO made it for me).
9:13. Not hungry. Fine.
9:55 Feeling a little hungry, will wait and see if it passes.
10:48. Not hungry at all. Getting ready to go to gym. Wondering -- lunch? I'm still more or less sticking to the plan where I eat whatever I want for dinner. Still struggling to avoid alcohol & sweets.
12:33. Feeling pretty good after workout. Had some Arizona tea for lunch, nothing else. Not hungry. So far, it would see that 1tbs canola 1st thing in the morning goes a long way. We'll see about 1tbs fructose in the pm.
5:21- Still not hungry. Had absolutely nothing to eat today till dinnertime except oil at 7am and sugar water at 4pm.
I guess this is what being on a fast feels like once you get past the bad hunger pangs. :)

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