Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Update, Tuesday June 6, 2006

Weight: 186.5

It's really nice, as one poster on SethRoberts.net put it, to know that when you fall off the wagon on SLD you can get right back on. Unlike, for example, low-carb diets where you blow the whole week just by eating a cookie.

I'm on a big push to get to/under 185. When I reach that milestone, I'll be at my lowest weight since the best I did on low carbing (before it started to creep back up again).

Thoughts for the day. SLD dieting is not without some effort. In general, I guess, the idea is that your body won't let you eat more than you need to be at a certain, lower set-point weight. What's not certain is how soon the set point moves. As Roberts acknowledges in his book, at least one of his early adopters took seven weeks to see any effect.

What *is* working for me though, is the appetite suppression. Even if my appetite is only suppressed a little, it is enough to allow me to exercise the discipline necessary to sustain weight loss. Without feeling crazy hungry all the time. This is an enormous advance. Roberts should be a candidate for a Nobel prize, as exaggerated as it sounds.

For the first time since I figured out how the dieting game works, I feel like I really will achieve the goal weight I set for myself and stay there. And all without buying any products or services, just a $19.95 book. Which is well worth it, by the way. ("The Shangri-La Diet" by Seth Roberts, available on Amazon.com).

Hi, this is KeniF from the boards at sethroberts. It's probably safe to do it here -- without seeming to advertise for some company -- since you can read it and just not approve it!

I was already using Therabreath products -- toothpaste, mouthwash, etc and knew they don't taste like anything to me so I just kept on trucking! If you got to their site -- http://www.therabreath.com -- you will see some things that will specifically mention cinnamon or mint so just avoid them. Everything else I've tried -- even their gum -- has no flavor (it seems to me).
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