Sunday, July 02, 2006


Slow but steady wins the race

Weight today: 181.5. This is an SLD record low 8)

I am single-mindedly working my way down to 178, at which time I'll be -15. I can't tell you how exciting that thought is.

I tried the middle-of-the-night ELOO last night, and I can say that today's appetite is the LOWEST EVER. Man, I can't stand the idea of food. It's almost 3pm, I've had very little solid food (a 1/4 cup yogurt) and SW at 10:30am. Dinner even seems iffy. If it turns out that I can't eat for dinner, I'll post again.

It may be too early to conclude that it works better or differently since it was just the once, but my experience combined with others on the boards seems to be suggesting that is the case. Why? Longer flavor-free window? Something about night-time metabolism? Interrupting the longest calorie-free period of the 24-hour cycle? In any case it is interesting and I will continue to report.

The best thing about mid-night dosing of course is that it eliminates one of the daytime doses. I brushed my teeth with toothpaste this morning! ;)

Ok. At this weight (181), I'm fitting comfortably into all my trousers and shorts sized 36. But what does that mean, really? And what's my goal? Let me explain....

First question: is a 36 really a 36? I keep hearing that the clothing makers are producing larger and larger sizes, calling them old sizes because they know we're getting fatter. So, is a 36 an "original" 36 or is it something bigger? It doesn't change the delta, because when I started SLD my current 38's were feeling tight. Now I'm loose in a current 36. But I'm wondering what size it really is...

Second: what's my "goal" size? This might be a better measurment of where I want to go than some arbitrary weight. My platonic ideal waist size would be 30, because that's my inseam. But that seems an awfully long way away. If it's not my inseam, it would seem to be 32 based on my memory of when I was "in shape". But even 32 seems far off -- maybe 20-25 lbs? Which is fine as far as that goes, and maybe not much different than I was thinking, but does make the remaining journal appear pretty dramatic.

I had a chance today to take my shirt off in public and didn't hesitate for a second. I wasn't looking for the chance but it appeared. My lack of concern was a milestone of sorts and well appreciated. I'm no fitness model (by any stretch) but it was incredibly nice not to be too worried about how I looked (semi-naked).

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